My daughter, age 11, has been studying with Joe for almost 4 years now. She enjoys her lessons
enormously, due to Joe’s unique teaching style. He is a kind and talented teacher, with kid-friendly
teaching methods that she really responds to. He plays musical games and varies the format of the lesson
so that the instruction is interesting and fun. The "School of Easy" is his motto, he always works
to find the easiest way to explain and understand any concept of theory and technique, working to build
a healthy and effortless technique. Joe really emphasizes quality over quantity and building the well
rounded musicianship that allows expressive and artistic playing. My daughter's interest in music
continues to grow, the motivation Joe inspires in her to learn to play the piano is exciting for us to
watch! We are happy to recommend him if you are looking for a piano instructor for yourself or your child.

Anne Hayes
Oakland School for the Arts Parent


My daughter Micaiah has been learning piano from Joe for the past 2 years. During this time, we have
seen our daughter's love for music grow even more and she now wants to become a composer and music
teacher like Joe. She comes home after her lessons and attempts to teach her younger brother and sister
what she has learned during her lesson. Not only is she learning how to play the piano, but she is
also learning techniques and skills that she can apply in her school work, such as breaking down big
challenges (like learning a new song) into smaller pieces until she can grasp it. She is always excited to
attend her weekly lessons with Joe and never wants to miss one, even when she's sick.

I would recommend Joe to anyone - adult, teen or child that has a genuine desire not only to play piano
but to master every aspect of it. His techniques extend beyond just playing; I never knew there was
so much behind making beautiful music until my daughter began her lessons. I look forward to seeing
how she will develop over the years to come under his teaching.

Jaquay Dempsey
Oakland; Home School


Our seven-year-old daughter takes piano lessons from Joe Mumm of Tree Top Piano Studio and has
enjoyed them from the start. Joe's teaching platform - "The School of Easy" - stresses correct
posture and technique that enables the student to play easily and efficiently and with as little
physical strain as possible. Joe is an excellent and patient teacher and his lessons are always
fun. Our daughter is learning quickly and loves playing the piano.

David and Lily Kohls


I would like to recommend my teacher, Joe Mumm. Thanks to Joe my piano studies have become a
great joy in my life. I work full time and can't practice as much as I would like (although I really
enjoy practicing), but Joe is always very patient and supportive. He works with my impatience and
encourages me to slow down and learn to play well. He is very thorough and guides me in developing
a well rounded musicianship working with technique, theory, reading and most importantly playing with
a sensitive ear and musicality. We have even worked on basic voice lessons to train my ear.

Maggie Christy


I have wanted to play piano for at least 55 years, trying briefly twice before in my youth.
Now that I have retired I am studying with Joe Mumm. He is very patient and thorough and
works with me until I have satisfactorily learned a concept. He is very skilled in always
finding new and imaginative ways to put an idea across. I am confident under his guidance I
will finally achieve my life long dream. I enthusiastically recommend Joe and feel he would
work well with students of all ages.

Magda Y. Calderon
EDD Administrator, Retired


Joe Mumm works with our preschoolers ranging in age from 2-5 years. Meeting the challenge
of keeping the music program interesting and exciting for the different developmental levels
of the children, he has created two different age appropriate groups to teach the children music.

Joe makes learning music fun by using various music games to teach the children basic musical
concepts such as rhythm, group call and response singing, the musical alphabet and notes.
The children look forward to Joe's weekly visits and the different games he brings.

Lois Cottrell, Director
The Duck Pond Preschool


Joe Mumm of Treetop Piano is an excellent piano teacher. His approach to piano instruction
focuses heavily on technique. He also integrates music theory into his lessons in a very organic

We are the parents of a 14-year-old son who has autism. Our son, Kenton is high functioning
and attends Skyline High School in Oakland, CA.

Due to Kenton's disability, he requires a great deal of patience. Joe has the greatest
level of patience when working with Kenton. When Joe runs up against our son's difficulties
he attempts to find different ways of relating the instructional material and is extremely
flexible in moving to another area of instruction if need be.

Joe's emphasis on technique is wonderful for our son who has fine motor issues. This approach
is geared to eliminating the physical stresses of playing the piano, making piano a comfortable
and fun pastime for our son.

Kenton has a great love for music and Joe has been wonderful in helping him to explore his muse.

We do not hesitate in recommending Joe Mumm.

Donald E Barks
Sue A McCullough