Piano Method

There are many approaches or methods to teaching piano. I continue to study them, taking
from each their best points and combining them into an integrated approach. Finding the most
natural and easiest approaches to learning is my central guiding philosophy. Some of the core
methods I use are as follows:

The Mother Tongue Approach developed by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki of Japan. This harnesses the
same natural learning abilities by which a child learns their native tongue, which all normal
children speak fluently by the early elementary years. It develops a fine musical ear and
artistic playing from the very beginning of lessons.

The Taubman Approach developed by Dorothy Taubman of New York. It analyses the
natural body movements that underlie virtuosic playing so they can be taught. Practice does
not necessarily make perfect. Knowing what and how to study are essential. I teach students
practice habits that build a healthy and skilled technique. This develops an ergonomic,
coordinate and effortless technique with comfortable movements for the fingers, hands and arms.

"The Taubman Approach is a ground-breaking analysis of the mostly invisible motions that
function underneath a virtuoso technique. The resulting knowledge makes it possible to help
pianists overcome technical limitations as well as cure playing-related injuries. It is also
the way that tone production and other components of expressive playing can be understood
and taught."

- From the Golandsky Institute web page;          www.golandskyinstitute.org

"The body is capable of fulfilling all pianistic demands without a violation of its nature if
the most efficient ways are used; pain, insecurity, and lack of technical control are
symptoms of incoordination rather than a lack of practice, intelligence, or talent."

- Dorothy Taubman, Music Director/The Taubman Institute;      www.taubman-institute.com

Music Mind Games developed by Michiko Yurko of Maryland. Using hands on games and
puzzles the basics of music theory are taught in a fun, child friendly and engaging way.

Various studies in human physiology, psychology, neurology and learning.

The experience gathered from over 30 years of teaching music, computers, electronics and