Sliding scale scholarships are available for low income families. They are awarded based
on need and merit. The willingness of the family to commit to helping their child develop
good study habits with a healthy work ethic constitutes merit. Scholarships are available
for students up to age 12. Daily practice is the foundation of music training. One cannot
practice without a quality instrument, please read the Pianos and Getting Started pages of
this website. In applying for a scholarship the family agrees to the following:

Providing the student with a quality keyboard, foot rest and required materials. Please read
the Studio Policies on the Getting Started page.

Practicing five to six days a week in addition to the weekly lesson.

For children under 10 active involvement of the parent in both lessons and daily practice.
For preteens the parent may step back gradually as the student demonstrates the ability
to practice independently.

Commitment to 44 weeks a year of lessons. This allows for a one week fall and spring, and
two week winter break, and a 4 week summer vacation.

Agreement with the broader goals of music education as outlined on the Getting Started page.

If you have read and are willing to commit to all of the above and would like to discuss a
scholarship for your child please give me a call.